Posture Therapy

Thai massage


Massage & Mindfulness Changing Currents Massage in America has ‘suddenly’ become quite mainstream and acceptable. Indeed, one of America’s fastest growing service industries is the day spa, which among other services commonly features massage. Massage schools have proliferated across the... View Article

Reducing America’s Back Pain Bill


Posture Economics Restoring joint motion with adjustments may be able to reduce America’s $75 billion back pain bill A recent study found chiropractic care economical for treating low back pain when compared to treatment by MD or DO.  Research showed... View Article

Massage Therapy Marketing

Massage Etiquette Tips


Scheduled your first massage? Some people are nervous or hesitant about receiving a massage for the first time. There is really no reason to be nervous; just know these simple facts. It is best to remove all jewelry for a... View Article

Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils

Rolfing & More

Aromatherapy is the complimentary and alternative medicine with the use of essential oils and other scented compounds from plants. It is a method which roots lie in ancient times and along with phytotherapy have the most natural healing attributes. Essential... View Article

breathing for low back pain

Breathing for Low Back Pain


When you have a low back spinal condition your body will reinforce the support of the spine using muscles that normally get their recreation from the rhythmic cycle of your breathing. The guarded tension of these muscles while you are... View Article

Another link in the Anti-Aging Chain


With age, the joints stiffen and muscles get tight. The common bent over posture of old age occurs as a result of the body adapting to long term poor posture. As posture becomes more bent forward the muscles have to... View Article

Old Injuries and Muscle Therapy


People suffering for years from old injuries (i.e. auto accident, workplace injuries, sports injuries, etc) as well as new traumas, have found neuromuscular massage helps eliminate their chronic nagging pain. The severe pain caused by old and new traumas as... View Article

Massage and Productivity


The 21st century worker spends a lot of time sitting. Over time, tension and stress develop from overusing muscles from unbalanced sitting. Many employers have found, as has research, that massage therapy is an excellent way to reduce stress. Employees... View Article

Your First Massage


Plan to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to fill out any required paperwork and to meet your therapist. Your massage therapist will talk to you about your specific needs and expectations. Be sure to ask... View Article

Is Massage Right for You?


Almost everyone can benefit from massage therapy. Either as an occasional treat, or a regular LifeHabit, massage helps you feel younger, longer.   Massage frees up the joints, increasing body motion and affording flexibility. Pain is relieved, stress is minimized,... View Article

Too Sensitive for Massage?


Curious to try massage for the first time, but fear you are too sensitive to reap the benefits? You’re not alone.  Many first time massage therapy clients have the same concerns and questions. Some people like a gentle technique while... View Article

More Benefits of Massage


Evidence suggests that the immune system is greatly enhanced by the presence of the “feel good” endorphins released after a massage. Some also believe massage causes a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate due to reflex effects through the... View Article