Posture Science

Up Against the Wall

"Try This" Posture Principle Demos

Try This: 1. Stand up straight next to a wall placing your left shoulder against the wall. 2. Try and lift your right leg. You can’t! Here’s why: Your Body Is Made To Move ( Motion-The 1st Posture Principle) You... View Article

The Motion Cycle

Posture Principles

The Motion Cycle is the solution to the Pain Cycle. Unlocking motion and reducing tension and spasm relieves pain. Relieving pain allows more normal body motion, reduces joint stress, and allows the body to heal. In other words — Restore... View Article

Motion, Posture Anatomy & Structure

Posture Anatomy

Motion, Posture Anatomy & Structure enables us to stand up, sit down and move around Posture is not just how you hold your neck or the slump of your shoulders and low back. Everything in the body is connected, and... View Article