Posture and Health

Posture Principles – Compensation

Posture Principles

Compensation – The Body Learns to Move in the Patterns Your Teach it. – The 4th Posture Principle …and Pain Teaches You to Move Differently. (4th of 5 Posture Principles by Dr. Steven Weiniger) When you compensate, you move asymmetrically. In... View Article

Posture and Breath, breathe, breathing

Integrating Posture and Breath

Posture Principles

Breathe Deep and Wide Stronger breathing improves performance, cardiac health, and is an integral part of strengthening posture. The Wall Street Journal reported how breathing better not only helps opera singers, but athletes as well.(1) “Singers and athletes are the... View Article

Posture Principles – Pattern of Motion

Posture Principles

Patterns – The body’s chain of motion follows the path of least resistance. – The 3rd Posture Principle (3rd of 5 Posture Principles by Dr. Steven Weiniger) In the absence of conscious effort, patterns of motion guide the body to move... View Article

Walk or Stand?

"Try This" Posture Principle Demos

Try This: Imagine–Would you rather stand perfectly still for 30 minutes or walk for thirty minutes? Physics tells us it takes more work to move an object than to leave it in one place.  So why is it easier to... View Article

Stress and Aging - Posture Specialist for Active Mom

Stress and Aging

Mind Body

Stress and Aging Your body is designed for short-term stress responses. The longer the stress response is drawn out, the greater the risk to your health. Cortisol, a stress hormone released by adrenal glands, functions to raise blood pressure and break down... View Article

Posture & Pain

Pain Cycle

How Poor Posture Creates Pain Syndromes When something mechanical in our body hurts…back, knee, neck or even shoulder…you compensate.

Sole Searching

"Try This" Posture Principle Demos

Try This: 1. Look at the bottoms and sides of your shoes. 2. Are they worn the same on both sides? Not wearing evenly? Here’s Why: Like your body, shoe bottoms wear to adapt to the stress of walking unevenly. ... View Article

Don’t Be Cross!

"Try This" Posture Principle Demos

Try This: 1. Cross your arms in front of you. 2. Is your left forearm or right forearm on top? 3. Now, cross your arms with the opposite forearm on top. (Be sure you have a different arm on top... View Article

Mirror Mirror

"Try This" Posture Principle Demos

Try This: 1. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and look at your posture. 2. Lift your left leg and slowly count to 12. 3. Stop the first time you have to put your foot down to balance. 4.... View Article

Up Against the Wall

"Try This" Posture Principle Demos

Try This: 1. Stand up straight next to a wall placing your left shoulder against the wall. 2. Try and lift your right leg. You can’t! Here’s why: Your Body Is Made To Move ( Motion-The 1st Posture Principle) You... View Article