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Is Poor Posture Aging You?

Strong Posture & Aging Well

Like fine wine, the wisdom of parental advice improves with age.  Research shows your mother was even right about standing up straight, as shown by new studies finding that people with better posture really are healthier and actually live longer.... View Article

Aging Well with Strong Posture to live longer -

Aging Well – Your Steps to an Active Life

Strong Posture & Aging Well

Aging well – the name of the game There are different ways of looking as we age.  We think about chronological years when talking about age, or how long ago we were born. While a youthful appearance and good looks... View Article

Wellness Cycle – LifeHabits to Move Well

Strong Posture & Aging Well

Eat Right, Think Positively and Move Well Fit people stay healthy, and when you change WrongPosture habits to StrongPosture habit you keep your body, muscles and joints healthy so you move naturally, feel good and stay well for a long... View Article

Why Aging Well is a Balancing Act

Strong Posture & Aging Well

Anyone who is standing up is, by definition, balanced, but how well are they balanced is a different question. Poorly balanced posture requires more energy to stay upright, causing fatigue and stressing joints, which over time wear out more quickly... View Article

Losing Height, Life Span and Posture Exercise

Strong Posture & Aging Well

Everyone knows people lose height as they age, but according to a recent 20-year study, your life gets shorter as you get shorter! Researchers at the University of London found a strong correlation between losing height and mortalityiv