Buyer Beware!

Buyer Beware!
By Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau

The drug ads on television right now are coming at us in record numbers and they are BEAUTIFUL and EFFECTIVE.

Why is the pharmaceutical industry bombarding our television sets 24/7 with drug ads? Because they see immediate results from these ads. Run an ad on Tuesday and see the number of prescriptions filled for those specific drugs skyrocket throughout the week. Why? Because Americans see the ad and, understandably, decide that they too want a piece of the Norman Rockwell-esque life depicted on the screen. We are marching into our physicians offices in record numbers and sometimes going so far as demanding our physicians prescribe the drugs we see on television.

Televised ads must work VERY well because they are not cheap. One thirty-second drug ad can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to air and close to a million dollars to produce. Next time you’re watching television for an hour, count how many drug ads you see, then do the math. It is staggering how much money they spend on these ads. Bear in mind that they are able to spend MILLIONS because they are making BILLIONS.

The next time you see one of these gorgeous, EXPENSIVE ads, remember who is really paying for it: WE ARE, in the form of outrageous prescription drug prices.


If you agree that drug marketing is a problem and want to communicate this message, suggests you investigate a new documentary DVD – Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety, written and directed by our contributing author, Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau. Kathleen also directed Side Effects-The Movie, a controversial independent film based on her decade working for the pharmaceutical industry.

Money Talks is a must see, and, a smart addition to your lending library to help communicate the reason for all those nice drug company ads targeted at patients.

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