Spinal Care Do’s and Don’ts

Keeping your spine functioning properly is the key to good posture and back pain relief. How you stand, sit and drive can impact your spinal health.

To help keep your spine functioning properly, check out the following sitting, standing and driving tips!

1. When standing try to keep with the natural curves in your back at all times.
2. High heels may cause the low back to arch excessively.
3. Wear comfortable shoes with a good arch support.
4. If you stand for long periods of time, shift positions and try to rest one foot on a stool or low shelf. This takes strain off of the lower back.
5. Don’t stand in one place for too long.
6. Don’t bend forward with straight legs.

1. Avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time, as this causes postural strain.
2. Take frequent breaks to stand up and stretch.
3. Place both feet flat on the floor when sitting.
4. Avoid crossing your legs – this habit can lead to an imbalance in the pelvis.
5. Sit back on the chair. It is very important that you give your back the proper support.
6. Adjust your chair so that your knee is slightly higher than your hip. If your chair is not adjustable you will need a footrest.
7. Don’t sit in a chair that is too large, too high or too low.
8. Avoid leaning forward with your back arched. Work toward not being a slouch.

1. Move your seat forward until your thighs rest comfortably on the seat and your feet are on the pedals.
2. Elevate the headrest until it is right behind the back of your head. This is important in the event of an accident.
3. Sit straight against the back of the seat.
4. Some cars have built in lumbar support, if your car does not, ask your Chiropractor to suggest an appropriate lumbar support.
5. Remember to keep both hands on the wheel.
6. Don’t sit too far back – reaching for the steering wheel or pedals puts strain on the spine.

About the Author

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