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Back surgery is a serious decision that isn’t right for everyone.  Professional golfer and athlete Tiger Woods recently made the news as he underwent his fourth back surgery!  After 3 other failed back surgeries that did not bring permanent relief his doctors performed a spinal fusion surgery, fusing vertebrae of the back together.

Fox News affiliate reached out to the world’s leading posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger for his thoughts on why one would undergo so many surgeries, how back surgery can help, what commonly goes wrong after back surgery, and ways many are able to avoid getting back surgery with proper care and performing daily motor control exercise.

  • How habits can change posture creating injury
  • Do our thoughts impact back pain?
  • When is back surgery the right choice?
  • Why some people require multiple back surgeries
  • How some avoid surgery with motor control exercise
  • Getting an annual posture assessment



Note: Dr. Steven Weiniger shares his personal opinion on recent media and published information about Tiger Woods back surgery. Dr. Weiniger is not Tiger Woods physician. This information is commentary and does not constitute medical advice. If you have back pain or other pain, see your doctor.