Posture Exercise – movement as You Age

With age, the joints stiffen and muscles get tight. The common bent over posture of old age occurs as a result of the body adapting to long-term poor posture. As posture becomes more bent forward the muscles have to work harder to keep the body balanced, which makes the muscles progressively tighter. Choosing a daily PostureExercise is an anti-aging LifeHabit to keep your body moving. Age is a state of mind… as well as body.

The StrongPosture® ball and balance posture exercises move the spine and other joints in seldom used patterns, stretching tight muscles and ligaments. When a joint is kept moving fully and freely the muscles controlling that joint stay strong, the joint stays lubricated, and the normal mechanical stress in the joint is distributed over a greater surface area. Plus, these exercise focus on your balance, so the body’s balance muscles are worked and strengthened.