ACE Your Posture

Stand Tall for Posture Month

Stand Taller, Live Stronger

Posture Expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger

How you hold your body affects how optimistically you view the world, and the opposite is true as well.  People make immediate, unconscious assumptions about you based on the way you hold yourself.

Posture and attitude are integral to the mind-body connection between emotional and physical health.  Just as mental stress causes physical consequences (like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, in addition to back pain and neck pain), research increasingly shows the physical stress of hunched over posture is associated with negative emotions, stress hormones and low energy levels, as well as how others judge your self-esteem and confidence.

And if that’s not enough motivation, there’s an event just around the corner to get you on track. May is Posture Month, and the ACE Your Posture strategy can improve and strengthen how you hold your body – or in other words, your posture.

ACE stands for Awareness, Control and Environment.  Creating new habits by becoming posture Aware; taking Control of how you move your body; and designing a posture-friendly Environment to make it easy to sit and stand taller.

Here’s How to ACE Your Posture

Be Aware

Take a picture to see how you really stand.  Use your phone camera or a free posture app for a self-check, or see a posture specialist. ( has a directory of pros offering free posture pictures this May).

Take Control

Postural exercises like yoga, tai chi, StrongPosture®, Pilates and other motor control exercises focus your attention to retrain how you hold your body, and control your motion. In fact, The American College of Physicians now recommends motor control exercises as a better alternative than prescription drugs for treating low back pain.

Optimize your Environment

Posture ExpertDesign a smart posture environment for how you sit, stand, sleep, exercise and live.  Posture expert Dr. Steven Weiniger says “How you hold your body molds how your body holds you”.

The more we hunch over or slouch, the more we stress ourselves by looking down (physically and emotionally), depressing both our posture and our outlook while breathing shallower and literally making our body shorter.

Forget good or bad.  Posture is strong or weak. ~Dr. Steven Weiniger

Checkout for a deeper knowledge of the posture ace model and designing a posture smart environment.  In their online directory you can locate a posture focused chiropractor, therapist or trainer in  offering free posture pictures this May for Posture Month.  You can also find a posture expert (you want one that’s CPEP® Certified) right here on Contact the author Posture Expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger.