About Us

BodyZone is the work of a team of health and fitness professionals headed by posture expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger.

We promote the importance of StrongPosture® to maintain an active, pain-free life, by encouraging you to choose the habits that will help your body work better for longer.  Age is a state of mind… as well as body. Health isn’t just about ‘not being sick’, it’s about feeling energetic, having a positive outlook and enjoying life. Research shows the mind-body connection, attitude and daily habits have a tremendous impact on the state of our health. When you know how to care for your body, you choose habits to help you move, feel and be well.

Posture Expert, Dr. Steven WeinigerIntelligent life habits are where common-sense ideas about health meet today’s high-tech knowledge of the body.  Our purpose at the Body Zone is to help you integrate the two successfully.

Designed by Posture Expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger, backed by research and loaded with self-help techniques, StrongPosture® exercises are focused, controlled-motion exercise designed to get muscles and joints moving symmetrically, full-range for improved strength, balance, stability, and flexibility. Long term affects of poor posture habits can be reversed, and the endless benefits include a more youthful appearance, higher energy levels, enhanced athletic performance, pain-free motion, and… living longer.

Other intelligent life habits we’ll discuss here are regular cardiovascular and resistance exercise, nutritious eating supplemented with prudent vitamin supplementation, using ergonomic awareness to design a strong posture environment, manipulation to keep joints moving, muscle therapy and positive social interactions with friends, family and your community.

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