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Learn from the Posture Expert:  Train to be the go-to posture specialist in your area by attending a Posture Practice seminar!  


Taught by internationally recognized author and speaker, Dr. Steven Weiniger, live continuing education courses range from 2-12 hours in length, with designated hours counting toward CPEP Posture Certification (optional).  Whether you’re a chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist, physiotherapist, fitness instructor, personal or athletic trainer or other physician or wellness professional, you will benefit and profit from expert, hands-on training in posture assessment, rehab, and exercise.  See our current schedule for a seminar near you.

What Will I Learn?

  • Clinical posture assessment techniques and balance exam procedures
  • Exercise customization for every demographic – seniors, teens, athletes, and injury patients/clients
  • Strengthening and rehab techniques for modern posture adaptations and distortions
  • Current, research-backed bio-mechanical concepts of posture, motion, exercise, and anti-aging to easily incorporate into any practice
  • Marketing yourself as a posture specialist to attract new patients/clients and stimulate retention, compliance, and referrals
  • Networking with other health and wellness professionals to develop referral relationships and cross-promoting of services

Endless Benefits

  • Implement an A to Z, step-by-step rehab exercise protocol into your practice right now
  • Free billing and coding resources for rehab care reimbursement
  • Patients and clients see immediate results – and are willing to pay for your services
  • Feel the difference in your own body as you build StrongPosture®
  • Earn continuing education hours that increase practice revenue
  • DC, NCBTMB and other professional license/certification renewal hours available in many states – check with your board or contact us for details

Transform Your Practice

  • Brand as the posture specialist in your community
  • Benefit from media exposure generated by and Stand Taller Live Longer.
  • Train your staff to promote posture care to your patients/clients
  • Offer more services that are accessible to a wide audience
  • Get involved with community events for posture lectures and posture screenings to promote your posture specialist training

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