AARP Interviews Posture Expert

Hunched posture isn’t just for geriatrics any more. The implications of tech addiction are already being seen in an unlikely group – our youth.

“The ‘old posture’ of being hunched over doesn’t start when you’re old – it starts as you’re living,” according to Posture Expert, Dr. Steven Weiniger.

The risks surrounding society’s sedentary-centric lifestyles continue to grow as we sit longer and longer throughout the day.

“[The health risks of sitting are] far worse than anybody thought,” Weiniger tells AARP in an exclusive interview series. “People that sit 8-12 hours a day…had a 91% increase in type-2 diabetes. Mortality goes up. Heart disease, arthritis goes up. The more you sit, the worse your health gets – even if you exercise.”

Listen to the short clips below for reasons why you should monitor your posture, the StrongPosture® cognitive behavioral therapy exercises and other simple changes you can make to improve it.

Part 1: Combatting sitting posture


Part 2: Sitting on the ball at work


Part 3: Update your posture lingo


Part 4: Taking time with posture exercise is key to improvement