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The Pain Cycle
shoulder  and back pain




First, there is Pain.


Then, the body adapts creating a Pain Cycle.

Pain Cycles are the vicious spiral of poor posture & unbalanced motion creating chronic pain and recurring injury.

  • INJURY begins a Pain cycle Once injured, the body moves to avoid pain. If it hurts to injury, pain and posturemove normally but feels better to move with your body distorted, your motion will be distorted.
  • PAIN causes the body to compensate. Over time, muscles, ligaments & nerves become trained & learn to move differently
    • Some muscles become chronically tight while other muscles weaken
    • Ligaments stretch to accommodate uneven body motion.
    • Even the nerves learn to reflexively follow compensating motion patterns.

  • UNBALANCED MOTION creates chronic postural changes and the body changes. Even exercising with unbalanced motion often only aggravates the problem!

Creased paper is a pattern of motion

Changes in posture and the body's patterns of motion are like the fold in a piece of paper. Once folded, the paper will bend along the fold when it is stressed. Similarly, once body motion changes to compensate for pain, body motion follows the same poor pattern of motion (bio-mechanically speaking).

The Pain Cycle is a result of moving in ways to avoid pain, leading to muscle imbalance and joint stress. Your unique BodyType, injuries and LifeHabits become part of how your body moves.

Pain is the ProblemMotion is the Solution


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