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What must you strengthen to Improve Posture?
Posture Exercise

“Straighten up and don’t slouch” doesn’t work!

Improving posture means teaching your body to move in new patterns. Nobody thinks about their posture all day---the trick is programing yourself into creating new habits.

Strengthening posture is for people who are:

Out of shape- A few minutes a day of aligned and strong posture exercise helps you start right, avoiding injury so you benefit most.

Regular exercisers- Adding posture exercise to your workout re-trains your posture and improves your form- You'll feel the difference!

Athletes- Top Golfers to winning tri-athaletes,  pitchers to pool players know strengthening posture is a powerful edge.

Better Posture = Better Form = Competitive Advantage

Neck Exercise Cervical Exercise

Neck Posture Stretch/ Cervical Retraction

Stand up against a wall and face straight ahead. Gently pull your headback towards the wall. Keeping yourface level, without looking up or down, jut your neck forward. Then bring it straight back as if were on railroad tracks. You shouldfeel like a turtle pulling his head back into his shell. Repeat five times.

Always consult your doctor before participating in any exercise program. All posture exercises should be performed pain free. If you experience pain or discomfort, stop the exercise and consult your physician.

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Why Exercise Posture?
People develop habits of motion,  and posture can feel “right” but not be balanced.


Like a fold in a piece of paper,  posture patterns are created when we move in uneven patterns.


Uneven motion works some muscles more than others.  Then, some joints tighten as others stretch, and the body is trained to move with "weak" motion.



When there is a weak link in how your body moves, that's where injury and breakdown occur.


Move Well-Feel Well-Be Well

Strengthen your posture to feel good, move well, optimize your exercise and stay active.

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